FMP- “The Maker” Zealous Creative

Christopher Kezelos the head of ZealousCreative and is a award winning stop motion animator . The Maker is possibly my favourite stop motion animation I’ve seen. The stop motion is second to none and in a world where most things are computer generated, you could almost forgive it for being misinterpreted as being digitally created on a computer, it is only with The Makers slight characteristics and style that you can see that it is an obviously well done stop motion. Despite this The Maker knows what it is and instead of regretting the feel of it being stop motion, embraces it. The little quirks in fact add to it’s dark and quirky feel.

While I adore all forms of animation, it basically came down to what I could achieve with my skills and resources. I’m not an illustrator so 2D was out, nor am I skilled in any 3D programs. But I do have a history of making live action shorts so I’m comfortable working in a physical space with sets and lights. I’m also crafty with my hands and have access to tools and a workshop. In the end, it was the only medium that made sense. (

Kezelos’s craftsmanship is clear in the piece, each tiny piece of the equipment and desk look beautifully detailed, as if the viewer could go there and pick it up themselves.

I tend to gravitate towards a darker, quirkier look so I guess over time, this has created a bit of a house style. (

The Maker’s dark and strange feel is one of the reasons I love it so much, the lighting and the colours used make it look almost as if we are seeing something we should not really be seeing or peering into a hidden world somewhere. The darkness of The Maker is also what makes it so fascinating to look at, we are used to seeing darker things on the cinema screen, but to see it done so seriously in a short film is very refreshing.

What most people don’t realize is that I’ve been shooting live action shorts for the past decade! My work in animation however has been the most successful and eclipsed anything I’ve done prior. Animation as a medium is something I’ve always been passionate about so with a background in film making and design, I feel it was a natural evolution. (

I think it’s fairly obvious once it’s said that Kezelos used to work on live action films. The way he sets his sets and the way he moves the characters and how he positions the camera are all reminiscent of something you would see on the big screen. The Maker itself does conjure the image of it almost being a pilot for a much larger story and world. Because The Maker is so mysterious, it leads itself to the audience wanting to know more about the strange world it’s set in. Even for such a short film it carries it’s own myths with it.

The Maker explores the preciousness of our moments on earth, the short time we have with loved ones and the enjoyment of one’s lifes work and purpose. In their fleeting existence, our characters experience joy, love, hard work, purpose, loss and loneliness. As the tagline suggests, ‘life is what you make it’ and we’re all makers in this world. (  

The Maker is outstanding at making us think about life and it’s relative shortness. When The Maker is watched, the audience thinks “Why continue the cycle of just building another creature, just to die?” but then it strikes you that that is what humans do, we work up all our lives to have offspring, then die, and just as the creature is against a sand timer in the film, we are also against the time as we age. There’s also the confusion of the creature at the beginning, unsure of itself or what to do as it watches the clock, reminiscent of the way we struggle as young people to find our way.

I want to evoke a strong emotional response in my viewers, so by the end they’re passionate about what they’ve just watched and want to see more! (

I think the film is very successful at making the viewer think and question various extersental questions, but at the same time we think about the emotional of the voiceless characters, like the main creature, as he final gives life to his creation, feeling happiness and uncontrolled joy.