FMP-Yuta Onoda


This was a piece for an article on “tiger mom’s” (eg; Chinese “pushy mum’s’) who force their children to be very successful early on by being very tough on them, the one example is shown in this image, the mother obviously being represented by the tiger, and the child being placed in the piano seat as she hangs helpless to resist her mother. It shows how the success is not the child’s wish, but in fact the wish of the mother, pushing their child into a spotlight.

Yuta Onoda’s style has a hint of art nouveau to it, perhaps because of the colours used. The warm colours are very oriental but do not give the piece much feeling, instead them see to give the look of wealth and aspiration, one that obviously is not there in the child, but rather the mother which dominates the image with the size of her own ambition, whilst the daughter hangs there, tiny and with no energy.

My work is mainly a mix of linear, detail, and decorative elements. So, the advantage of using Ink and graphite over mixed media for me is that they fit with my illustration/painting approach. I like both aspects of paper and wood because they are different mediums and give different moods to a finished look. 


Onoda is a mixed media artist, using digital and non digital techniques to create a polished piece which is still has the warmth and depth of a traditional piece.


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