YumYum is a designer toy label who operate on the premise as being light hearted and fun. Their work is very simple looking and smooth. Their figures are usually released in series’ like most toy makers,

They are aimed at whoever would like to own something that makes them smile.  (

YumYum’s toys are designed with the sole purpose of making whoever sees them laugh because of their cartoon like humour and surrealism.

Some design are inspired by characters in films, for example the action hero holding the chicken is inspired by Bruce Willis crossed with Arnie. The Kung Fu Granny was inspired by an article we read in the Newspaper about a Granny who scared off some thieves by jumping into a Kung Fu stance. Other characters like the Hotdog, Cactus and Octopus were designed because they were something we would like to have on our shelves and simply because they are some of our favourite things to draw.  (

YumYum’s is also heavily inspired by pop culture and situations they find in real life, they try capture things that already make us laugh and turn them into toys. They mostly focus on things they would like to own themselves, which gives them a passion for their work which is relfected in their finished work.

YumYum’s work is mostly sold in shops and so their bright colours stand out nicely to catch people’s attention and also look fun whilst doing so.



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