FMP-The Bento Bestiary


Ben Newman and Scott Donaldson created this beautiful book which has been published through No Brow,  the purpose of the book is similar to what I wish my book to be about; educating people about different types of monsters. However this is just based on Japanese monsters.


The interior of the book is beautiful and simplistic, leaving just the description of the creature, the creatures name, and the illustration on the opposing page. The illustrations are beautiful vector based drawings that use simple line and shape to create beautiful and iconic representations of the creatures. These illustrations are very successful because they are simplistic and give the reader a very nice and simple image to attach to a creature they may not know at all. The limited pallet colour schemes for each creature are also very beautiful and eye catching, the colours are quite cool, but use enough warm colours to highlight and balance out the illustrations.

I am also very fond of the way the book keeps the titles of the monster a similar colour to the main colour used in the opposite illustration, I think it really pulls the book together and makes sure the whiteness of the opposite page isn’t too glaring or obvious.


The book is not too long or overly complicated which i think makes it a very successful piece. People can just pick it up, quickly read the descriptions and look at the illustrations and come out more educated than before they have read it about Japanese monsters. The style of the book is also mature but also fun enough to attract both adults and children. (Although the descriptions may not be too suitable for younger children.) Scott Donaldson’s writing to go with it is very creative and funny and goes along well beside the illustrations.



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