FMP-Sanjay Patel


Sanjay Patel’s version of The Ramayana is a beautiful book which illustrates a famous story from Hindu myth but in a articulacy modern way whilst still retaining the look and charm of the original tale. The style for Ramayana is very complex and detailed vector drawings. 

The Ramayana has dozens of character and locations, mega war scenes and complicated crowd illustrations. But somehow I was able to get things running fairly quickly that is until till I decided to redo everything top to bottom a few times. I kept fighting to work in a design style that was cute and silly, when the Ramayana is anything but that. As a reaction of too much cute I ended up turning the illustration into something much more grown up and stiff. Eventually the design pendulum settled somewhere in between cute and boring. Somewhere that I hope captures the action and drama in a fun modern style that honors this great mythology.


Patel was very cautious in trying to have his style remain fresh yet faithful to the original. This is something which I think should be kept in mind for all mythical tales that are being retold

Sanjay Patel has worked at Pixar for many years and used his experience from working there on the project

On Monsters Inc and Bugs Life, I learned a lot about the subtly that you can capture in the eyes and the eye lids of a character. On the Toy Story movies I learned so much about story boarding working one–on–one with Joe Ranft. I also learned so much about understanding the subtext of dialogue and the circumstances of a scene. On the the Incredibles all that I thought I knew was relearned. I learned to approach storyboarding form a much more live action point of view especially in terms of camera angles. The mechanics of my animation were also scrutinized and made much stronger. 


I think it’s easy to tell from Patel’s style that he worked on animation, his style is very fluid and full of energy, almost as if it started from a storyboard or drawn with the idea in ind that it could be part of an animation.


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