FMP-Roman Klonek


In my early days of drawing, before my study but also during my study, the act of drawing was always something like an exercise in concentration. For me it was important to observe a thing with great attention and I was very glad for catching the right form, succeeding similarity, or finding the right perspective, or putting the shadows on their right places. etc… In the meantime I have another view on this. My way of drawing has changed a little. Now its rather a play, a free association without any special target, rather experimental. (

Klonek’s desire to be more playful shows in his work, his shapes and lines speak of a playful energy, mixed with his bright and saturated colours which positively glow. Klonek’s work is bold and eye-catching, the print above certainly shows this with it’s almost neon colours.

At fist I have to explain: I do colourful woodcut prints in the technique of the “lost cut”. That means I print all colors with only one plate. In the beginning I cut out all the spots that should remain white. Than I print he first color. Now I cut out all the spots that should remain in the first color… and so on. In the end the plate is “lost”. A retake is not possible anymore.

His printing technique means that there has to be a lot of precision involved. Once he has printed he cannot go back, which means he has to be bold and confident, but not overly so that he forgets what he’s doing. This is quite and amazing way to work, considering his finished pieces always seem so clean and flawless.

my work is a very big mixture of contemporary influences and cultural roots. I have a soft spot for East European cartoons because I grew up with them. My father had a big collection of Polish and Russian Super 8 cartoons. (

Polish and Russian cartoons are often very strange to more western european eyes, the characters can look a little uncanny, perhaps too wide eyed, and you see that in Klonek’s work. Some of his characters are devilish or strange looking, reminiscent of the types of characters which appeared in those cartoons. Those cartooned also used bright colours to attract children, but the colours of Klonek’s work almost take it to the next level of brightness.

This penchant for the “playful and bold”… it have always been important to me. Really everyone and everything can be an inspiration. I think the most important thing is to set up situations for good receptivity of inspiration. The creative activity will follow.

Klonek gains a lot of inspiration from tutoring others about his craft and from the world around him.


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