FMP-Ping Zhu


Ping Zhu is an London-based illustrator who has a quirky and cute portfolio filled with beautiful pictures of people and animals which features an amazing use of colour and texture. Zhu has worked with a long list of clients including The New York Times, The LA Times and Playboy. I really love her textural feel she puts into her work. Her illustrations of animals and her combination of flat colours and rich textures works really well. She combines more textural lines and elements with smoother ones, creating an image which is a nice even balance between the two. The textural elements are usually where needed to make line of blocks of colour more interesting.

Her work has a particularly in her ability to not only capture the essence of an animal without the use of too many visual elements, but also create illustrations which are simple and clean and yet them speak a story all of their own. Take the picture I selected above, a Tarsier and a mouse stare at each other intrigued. The story almost plays out like a scene from a children’s book, with the mouse and tarsier pointing out each others differences and yet how they are a like whilst they become friends. Their tails intertwining speaks a lot in the image by saying these two creatures are not only comfortable with each other, but also like each other.

Her website is called PingZoo and is a really nice playful take on her own name;  perfectly suited to the type of fun and cute illustrations she creates.


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