FMP- One Night, Far From Here


Julia Wauters’s book seeks to educate children about the animal kingdom. She is the illustrator of popular French children’s books The Legend of Father Christmas and My Little Old Manand is the co-founder of renowned illustration magazine Ecarquillettes. This books One Night, Far From Here is her first book for Flying Eye Books.

It’s night-time, a hush has descended and a handful of insects buzz around in the deep blue sky, but as the pages of this beautiful book turn, day breaks and the animals begin to stir.

The book is fascinating as if contains transparent pages that peel away to reveal the creatures that live in our world and the types of creatures the live there. The book takes place in a variety of settings, including the forrest, the desert, under the sea, etc.


The text is short and descriptive which is good for it’s target audience of chilfren. The aim of the book is to search for each animal, however contra to most similar books, the animals are not really hiding. The skill children learn from this look is to use the description to identify many of the species and find the right ones. The book is beautifully illustrated and the novelty of the transparent pages really make this a book appealing not to children but to adults as well, whom will be the ones actually buying to book. The book is both a mixture of educational but also very aesthetically pleasing. It teaches a lot of useful information to children wild life and habitats. The book is also designed very well for children as the transparent pages are nearly impossible to accidentally damage, and the paper pages are very thick and sturdy, making them well suited to the small hands of children. Which is a good thing as children wouldn’t be able to da,age it too easily, but also because it will last quite a long time, which is what parents also think about when buying a book for their children. They usually wish for a story book that can be read to their children again and again with no problems. It is also very easy to use with different age groups a toddler can enjoy searching for the animals, while older children can learn to identify the many different species, and perhaps be encouraged to find out more about the different habitats. 



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