FMP- Megan Baehr


Megan Baehr creates cute and quirky felt creatures, my favourite of which are these centaurs, with their adorable short legs and button eyes. These felt pieces are small one of creations meant to be sold. They do not hold much purpose but I love the variety of different centaurs she has created. The simple stitching and the way the seams show make them seem cute and kitschy, whilst they still maintain a beautiful sense of craftmanship.

 I have been a member of the Etsy Plush Street Team nearly the entire time I have been in business.  My extremely talented teammates are an endless source of inspiration. They have become my dearest friends and the absolute best support network I have. If I ever need a pep talk, business advise, or simply a shoulder to cry on, the Plush Team is there for me. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. (

Her involvement with a circle of other plush markers inspires her work a lot, she often consults them and asks them for support or advice.

Her style in which she does the plushies also carries across to the way she draws, a lot of her plushie character feature in her illustration work.


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