FMP-Malin Rosenqvist


I enjoy this piece of type by Malin Rosenqvist because I love how she uses transparency of the foxes to frame the lettering. Her work is playful and cute with a hint of fold about them.  I also really love her texturing on the foxes, the subtle texture of fuzziness which it cannot be told if it’s from being hand printed of done digitally.

I do wonder however if the foxes obscure the text too much and if it would have been better to cut down on the number of them and simply have a few rather than so many. I think that is an unsuccessful factor of the design if it was intended more to be read or be a piece of lettering on a piece of work. Unless that was the intention of the work that would be a thing i would change about this piece.

I do like the muted colours, I think the varying muted tones of the foxes work well with the rest of the grey type behind them.

I think inspiration is about working, developing your own work further, getting ideas within your own work. But of course seeing great work can be inspiring too. Nature and flowers can be a source of inspiration too. (

Rosenqvist is obviously a illustrator inspired by nature sd she uses it for a lot of the subjects in her work, flora and fruit are often very comman subjects in her work, animals too. She uses people not as much.



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