FMP- Joe Ledbetter


Joe Ledbetter’s Chaos Bunnies are a collection of bunny shaped collectable vinyl figurines. Another set of “designer toys” Joe Ledbetter’s toys are not made for children but they do probably appeal to them as well. His style is very bold and graphic and somehow seems to be able to make his 3D pieces look 2D from certain angles.  The characters draw on Ledbetter’s constant use of bright colours that contrast well with the dark lines and light highlights to create something that would pop out on the page, but in 3D makes the craftmanship of his work shine.

 deeply influenced by classic animation, underground comics, skateboarding and 1980′s video games (

His work is fun and purely decorative, and for the fun of owning something playful and designer. The Chaos Bunnies are sold similarly to how other children’s toys are sold, on little cardboard stands in small card boxes. This gives a charm to them as although they are expensive, they don’t try to be overly fancy, once again focusing on having fun and reigniting memories of childhood. These stands are supposed to be displayed on the shelves of designer shops, so they are easy to pick up and appreciate. The individual toy packaging also includes an illustration of the toys character on the back, which reinforced them as being separate characters that have been well designed and thought out and not just quick thoughtless design.

Having the door slammed in my face by art schools was a bitter experience. I lost my  faith in the system [that decides what is art and what isn’t], but I didn’t lose faith in what I wanted to do. I continued to pursue what I loved doing, but I knew I had to take a  different approach. If you persist in doing something that you really want to do, even  though the whole world tells you that you can’t, you’ll succeed.  (

Joe Ledbetter has been influenced a lot by how he was rejected from multiple art schools, he stopped caring so much about how he was judged for his art and how his art was seen and instead went with what he wanted to do, which gave him great passion and optimism.

Ledbetter will also photograph his work and draw back over the photographs again and again until he gets his characteristic dynamic shapes which his figures and art are made up of. ( which shows his tendency to revise and revise again until he gets the shapes he feels suits the characters best.  


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