FMP- Jake Parker


I enjoy Jake Parker’s illustrations and shot stories, I liked this particular piece of work because it reminded me of children’s stories I used to see as a child, his style in general is quite flexible, and can be suited to quite a few genres of illustration. This particular illustration is a piece from the front of Jake Parker’s blog that he used as a first impression for anyone entering his site. I picked this one because i particularly liked the colours of the dinosaurs and sense of speed and motion, they have. I also think this image show a lot about Jake Parker’s type of illustration, the dinosaurs and the character running from them show how he can flip between more realistic work and more classically cartoon-ish work. I feel this piece is perfect for communicating to those who visit Jake Parker’s site that he has a wide range of talents suitable for many types of story telling.

I try to treat a mechanical object like it was a character. Whether it’s a walking spider tank or a flying machine, I want it to have an iconic shape that reads instantly. And that’s the same way I would approach a character or a landscape. (

He uses the idea of almost anthropomorphising landscapes, machines and other objects to give them a scene of lovability and character, this is partly why he is such a good illustrator for children because with this technique something on the page rarely looks boring. You can see this with the dinosaurs as when the viewer looks at them you can see expressions and character in the way they look and run, the dinosaurs are not just animals, but also characters themselves. This makes the image much more involved and interesting. the way the dinosaurs start off the page and run onto it is very successful

 children has impacted my artwork immensely. These days I tend to draw things and choose subject matter that I think my kids would enjoy. Even if the story or piece isn’t geared for an audience that young, I’ll still have something in there that they could identify with. My kids directly inspired a few characters as well. (

You can see that within this image because it’s a subject many children would be excited by or like, the character running away from a pack of dinosaurs is not only fun but it also appeals to many things which attract children, such a eye catching colours and an almost humour to the piece. The audience for this piece may not be children, but as Jake Parker said, his work is obviously influenced by children in many ways.


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