FMP-Amber Alexander


Amber Alexander is quite a unknown artist but I wished to include her because I loved her watercolour work. Her watercolour illustrations are creates are soft and soothing with edges that have been left to bleed out into the rest of the page.  She  says she loves “the way the flow of ideas from [her] head and heart flow directly onto paper”, which her paintings do reflect as the watercolour spreads out and fans out whilst still keeping a defined shape.

 The land I live on is beautiful and the gardens help inspire me. {…} I live in Middlesex, Vermont, which is a very rural area. There are fields, forest and stream surrounding the house. I see deer daily in the summer, and love to spend time outside in the garden and playing with the dogs. Home to me, means comfort, a feeling of freedom, safety and gratitude. (

Her work is very much inspired by nature and animals, whimsical, colourful and sweet with obvious influence from people like Beatrix Potter and other similar children’s illustrators. She uses blues and greens and greys very often as they are colours which very much regularly occur in nature. 

I am also very connected to animals and try, through my art, to share that and maybe remind humans that animals have lives a lot like ours and deserve respect, good treatment and love.  (

The bird in the piece I have picked has surprisingly detailed and soulful eyes, detail shining out in a wash of more abstract paintwork. I loved how the paint seemed to fluff out like the birds feathers and how from the eyes going outward the details get less worried about, so the focus if completely bought on the the birds eyes.



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