FMP- Alison Woodward


I’ve been following Alison Woodward words work for some time now and I’ve always loved her small paper craft pieces, above is a small paper craft piece which is layered to show the internal organs of a dead deer, each layer goes back to finally reveal behind the blog and bone, rock and flowers and nature , and at the very end a small painting of the forrest at night.  This piece is a small decorative piece and is probably the first thing she has produced multiples of to sell. In her work she always seems to try communicate that even in death and gore nature is beautiful and will always shine through. A lot of her pieces remind me of how fungi and flowers will sometimes grow over the bodies of animals.

Her work was originally inspired by tattoos, however Alison says now she likes to think of it more as inspired by her coworkers who have backgrounds in tattooing. (

Alison spends her time split between working as an illustrator, working in a tattoo parlour and studying at art school, she says she loves both the openness of the tattoo shop and how it compares to art school, both are very different to her but she appreciates the input on both levels. It’s easy to see her influence from tattoos with looking at the way she works too. She often used ink washes in her piece to shade, similar to how black ink is used to shade line work of tattoos. (

The pieces in which she used interactive paperwork such as this are the favourite of her pieces. I like the way the viewer has to look inside the piece to see the intricate details, similar to how we must look at the brutality of nature and see past it to see that it actually is beautiful all along.

With the dead animals in her pieces, Alison’s work can look very creepy, however in her work I don’t feel that these illustrations of them are meant to show animals for gore’s sake or to be intentionally creepy, the way she decorates the animals with flowers and the way they always looks so serene seems to lean more towards her being respectful of the creatures she’s drawing, rather than using them simply to scare the viewer.


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