FMP-Alan Dalby


Alan Dalby’s animal illustrations are charming in their simplicity and general look. The colours are strong but not overpowering and his shapes he uses within his work are beautiful.

My work is usually vector based, minimal design. I find enjoyment in playing with shape, which I think is reflected in my work. I also love drawing animals. (

It’s obvious that Dalby takes great pride and time in making sure he has the correct shapes within his work, the shape of the platypus above was what won me over into choosing to put it into my critical journal. It also happens to be one of Dalby’s own favourite illustrations.

I view myself as an Illustrator, but I’m heavily influenced by Graphic Design. I think that comes across in my work but I think the end product is always Illustration. (

Dalby does work a lot like a graphic designer, his work is ordered and very obsessively and deliberately placed and refined.

That project was my first screen-printing experience, It taught me the benefits of limited colour palette and changed the way I approach colour in all my work. It was also the first steps to the minimalist way I work now. I’ve screen-printed a few times since then, but not as often as I would like to. (The convenience of creating work on a Mac is probably the only thing stopping me.) ((

Dalby’s limited colour palettes really sell his work and bring out the shapes and forms he uses. His style really works for any kind of printing due to it being so minimal. I think overall Dalby’s platypus illustration is successful, however when I first saw the playtpus I did have a little trouble understand what it was and it took me a few seconds to realise it was a platypus. This is probably due to the shape, however once I knew what it was I found I liked it.


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