FMP-Martin and Alice Provensen


This illustration is from “The Golden Treasury of Myths and Legends”, a children’s book aimed to educate children about the myths and legends centring around Greece and Rome. This image shows the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur, the half bull, half man which King Minos of Crete kept inside a labyrinth and fed sacrifices to appease it.

The image serves it’s purpose by showing children what the scene in the story may have looked like and what big a task this would have been for a mortal man such as Theseus. The image would have made children want to read the story next to it, to find out more about this massive, vague creature.

I really enjoy how the minotaur is a solid black shape against the brighter walls for the labyrinth, this leaves some details of the creature to the imagination which can be filled in by the viewer of the picture. The black really makes sure the minotaur can be seen against the walls of the labyrinth except for his red eyes which leave the viewer in no doubt that the minotaur is looking directly at Theseus and there is no sympathy in it’s eyes.

I think this image is quite interesting as it shows Theseus about to battle the Minotaur, looking as if it really is a challenge or s great feat he will have to accomplish, rather than having him look quite heroic. I think this image shows the Minotaur for what it would be, a terrifying block of a creature which dwarfs the hero of the story. This enhances the storyline of the myth as it gives the impression of Theseus being brave and strong for having bested such a terrifying creature.


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