Referral Brief- Luke Best


Luke Best’s illustrations use nice flat, almost paper cut/collage scenes that range from simple to complex. His colours are usually muted or dark, preferring only to use but a few bright saturated tones. In this piece we see Best illustrating an African scene. Best likes to play around using a varitery of perspectives in his work that don’t always quite match up which gives his work a very free form feel about it which is clean and refreshing.

Best makes use of many an illustration tools, seeking out and uniquely observing stories that add a particularly engaging layer to an already colourful sum of parts. He works with a large creative bibliography  that contains a broad range of references that easily find their way into such an aesthetic and communicative style of illustration.

His illustrations are beautifully crafted images and they often are made from a variety of materials. I love his use of color and the almost lo-fi nature of his collage work. The balance between block colors and texture is perfect and his images are filled with rich mark-making and beautiful lines. This makes his work intresting to look at by te viewer.


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