Referral Brief- Edouard Baribeaud

Edouard Baribeaud’s strikingly beautiful colours and landscapes are very inspiring. The way the red and the blue twist and turn together in a beautiful dance of form and colour to create beautiful mountain ridges and peaks. Baribeaud uses varying in line to create various textures that prevent his work from merging into one big unsolvable mess. The whole feel of the piece has something wild and free about it, like for the viewer the wilderness is just I front of them. The way the figure primitively dances on the mountain top gives the image a free and enjoyable feel as if we are expreancing the same emotions as them.

The he piece is painstakingly planned out which can be seen through the form of the dotted clouds misting over the mountain ridges and yet at the same time it looks effortless.

the zine this particular piece hails from has been discribed as “Somewhere between a book of 19th century illustration and Persian miniature seen through the eyes of a contemporary.” Which is both alluring and delightful. It certainly lives up to it’s description as looking at the illustrations invokes a sense of being taken to a unknown part of the world, yet to be explored or touched  by the outer world.

The work seems to be in blue and red pen which allows the piece to hold quite a versatile range of marks and looks within the piece. There are a lot of distinguishing and unique marks in this piece, all which differentiate each section from the last and create an almost tribal look to the piece. I especially love the way in which the clouds look, the dots within them give then shade and colour but its what is not marked which makes the difference. The white left out around truly gives the clouds definition and their mysterous otherworldly look.


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